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Tee Goods Co is Finally Here!

Welcome to Tee Goods Co and we are so GLAD you are here! We are an apparel company with a need to express ourselves in a visual way, and how better to do that than through t-shirts.  Everyone loves a good t-shirt!  Don't they? We are on a mission to have the world "speak" through tees.  Our goal is to always produce a quality product with great design and provide a space for expression through creative, clever, inspirational, and interesting sayings.

We Make Expressive Apparel!

Tee Goods Co was originated in the mind of our founder and CEO, T. Maria Sims. One restless night, she was in bed and unable to sleep. For some reason, which she now attributes to divine intervention, she began to think about all of these clever sayings that would be cool on a t-shirt. They began to pour out of her and as they were coming, she captured all of them in her phone. By the end of this experience, she had 50 different sayings some of which would ultimately become the content for the first shirts you will see in our store. We are so glad she could not sleep that night!

We are delighted to be bringing you our t-shirt line starting with 4 Collections, Encourage, Empower, Spirit, and Fit. These collections were inspired by our desire to speak to the hearts of women and reinforce to the world that women are strong and confident both mentally and physically. This is our way of spreading a little Girl Power. Check them out, and we hope you enjoy the t-shirts and share them with your friends, mothers, sisters, and daughters.

The team at Tee Goods Co is so proud of what we have created thus far and rest assured there is much more to come! We have a staff that is committed to creating a quality product and making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the items they receive from us.  We will be using this blog to communicate with you, our customers, about new products, events, and activities that we have on the horizon.  Stay tuned as we continue to evolve and have fun while we “speak” to the world with our apparel.